La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur
La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur
La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur
La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur
La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur

La Sommeliere - vínkælir fyrir 166 flöskur

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401.028 kr
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Vínkælir frá La Sommeliere 

Kælirinn er glæsilegur í útliti  og hefur "multi zone" kælingu og er einstaklega hljóðvær.  

Kælirinn getur geymt allt að 166 flöskur og hefur fallega led lýsingu 

hægt er að læsa skápnum 

Vínkælirinn hefur 3 kælisvið 

Efstu hillurnar 5-20°c 
Miðhillurnar 5-12°c 
Neðstuhillurnar 12-20°c






MZ3V180 Commercial multi-zone wine cellar

La Sommelière MZ3V180 conditioning and ageing wine cellar has everything a great! Delivered with 8 sliding shelves in beech and stainless steel and 1 fixed wooden half shelf, it gives an impressive comfort of use and storage capacity: up to 166 bottles *.

The Prestige range is very efficient and commercial wine cellars are part of it. Thus, the MZ3V180 can store many wines with confidence, thanks to a lock to limit access. Practical, sturdy and elegant, its installation is easy, even in commercial rooms (restaurant, bar or wine shop for example).

The MZ3V180 Sommelier, a triple-zone wine cellar

The refrigerated cellar MZ3V180 has 3 compartments, that is to say 3 zones of temperature adjustable independently of one another. You will then have the opportunity to fill your cellar with all types of wine. Red wine, white wine, Champagne or rosé can all be stored in the same cellar, depending on the conservation temperature they require.

Each of its 3 compartments is equipped with its own control meaning you can set each storage compartment to a different temperature, while respecting the following ranges:

  • Top section (88 bottles): 5°C to 20°C;
  • Middle section (66 bottles): 5°C to 12°C;
  • Bottom section (56 bottles): 12°C to 20°C.

Ageing wine safely

MZ3V180 wine cellar is part of the PRESTIGE range La Sommelière and has all the recommended qualities for ageing wine:

  • a glazed door with anti-UV treatment to maintain darkness inside the cellar,
  • a charcoal filter to renew ambient air
  • an anti-vibration system for wine rest
  • natural control of humidity

Ageing wine and conditioning one another in the same cellar is clearly possible with a multizone cellar like the MZ3V180. A real economy in the long run.

Further key features of the MZ3V180

Ideal for the commercial use, the MZ3V180 wine cellar is stylish with its wide glass door and stainless steel frame. The reversible anti-UV door makes the cellar especially flexible. 

Owing to its large capacity, you will never be out of wine! Bottles can be accessed easily thanks to the 9 sliding shelves, offering unprecedented convenience for your staff.

Aesthetic, it reveals a white lighting that gives an indisputable character to the bottles.

All La Sommelière multi-zone cellars adapt to the constraints of your restaurant thanks to adjustable feet and a front ventilation system. Designed for column integration, the MZ3V180 can also be installed in free standing.

And that's not all, it has many other qualities, for example (and non-exhaustively):

  • A reversible glass door, sober and elegant for a very aesthetic visual rendering;
  • LED lights to showcase your bottles;
  • 8 sliding wooden shelves (beech) + 1 fixed half-shelf at the bottom of the cellar;
  • 1 active charcoal filter to neutralize odours and purify the air;
  • An excellent cold air distribution;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Winter function;
  • Humidity regulated between 50 and 80%;
  • 1 visual and audible temperature alarm for a prompt notification in the event of temperature fluctuation;