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Nýjar vörur frá Robot-Coupe – Robot Cook

28/09/2015 | Fréttir

Robot cook

Okkur langar að kynna fyrir ykkur Robot Coupe – Robot Cook

3.7 litre stainless steel bowlwith handle.

2.5 litre liquid capacity.

Heating capacity up to 140°C, accurate to the nearest degree.

Speed functions :
– Variable speed from 100 to 3500 rpm
– High speed Pulse/Turbo of 4500 rpm
– R-Mix blend speed from -100 to -500 rpm
– Intermittent speed: slow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds.

Asynchronous industrial motor.

Micro-serrated stainless steel blade knife assembly.

Bowl, blade assembly and lid are dishwasher safe.

Water tight lid equipped with a bowl scraper.